Dr. Allison Belger
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About Me:



Dartmouth College
B.A. in Psychology and Education

Northwestern University
Masters in Learning Disabilities

The Wright Institute
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

MY Background and approach

A former student-athlete in high school and college and now a parent of two very busy teens, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to fit it all in. I work to develop a trusting, easygoing relationship with my students that allows for the greatest degree of success and development in the shortest amount of time. My goal is to take the edge off the process and to make writing and studying as pain-free as possible! Parents are notoriously bad at helping their own children with high-stakes projects, and that’s where my work with students comes in.

I grew up in a suburb of New York City, where I attended a fabulous public high school and took some great AP classes. It was through those classes, with the help of my teachers and my mom, that I learned how to write well. While earning my undergraduate degree at a liberal arts college, majoring in Psychology and Education, I most enjoyed writing, and there was plenty of it!

After college, I moved to San Francisco and became an intern teacher. As a teacher, I was curious about the differences among my students’ capacities for learning. I left teaching to pursue a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities and later worked as a Learning Specialist, testing and providing remediation to students of all ages. Always fascinated by human psychology, I became increasingly interested in human behavior and returned to school to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Though I was trained as a therapist, I spent many years conducting psychoeducational assessments of children, teens, and young adults, combining my background in learning disabilities with my expertise in human psychology. My work required me to write lengthy and detailed reports, an aspect of my job that I truly loved. After starting my own family, I took a break and focused on raising my two daughters and helping with our family business. With my girls now in high school navigating their own academic demands, I’ve become inspired to get back to my roots and work with students in a one-on-one setting.

My choice to focus on written language reflects my passion for writing and my conviction that good writing is critical for success across college majors and career types, as well as for general self-expression throughout our lives. Whether working on written language, study skills, or test prep, I recognize that my students are whole people who have a lot going on, both in and out of school. It is a true pleasure to relieve some of the stress in the academic lives of my students.