Dr. Allison Belger
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Essays for School



One Session at a Time

Perfect for students studying for final exams, working on a research paper, or studying for a test.

•$160 / 60 minutes

•$240 / 90 minutes

Five-Session Packages

Perfect for students needing ongoing school support, working on college essays, or studying for an AP exam.

•$775 / pack of 5 60-minute sessions (savings of $25)

•$1150 / pack of 5 90-minute sessions (savings of $50)

Parent Consultations

Perfect for parents who want to know more about their student’s progress and/or who have specific concerns about their student. For calls lasting only a few minutes, there is no charge. If you think you need a significant block of time, please schedule one of the following consultations:

•$40 / 30-minute phone call

•$50 / 30-minute in-home consult scheduled directly before or after your child’s tutoring session


Payment: Payment must be made prior to the appointment time. I accept cash and checks.

Cancellation policy: I require email notice at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time in order to reschedule without charge.

Refunds: I do not give refunds for any reason, however, I am always happy to reschedule a session or transfer a session to a sibling or friend.


I understand and appreciate the need for parents to know what is going on during sessions with their student. My schedule does not allow for impromptu chats immediately before or after a session. However, I am happy to schedule a phone call or in-person appointment to discuss a student’s progress. If you feel you need more than just a few minutes, it’s best to schedule a 30-minute Parent Consultation (see above).


•I don’t work with content in Math, Science, or Foreign Languages.

•I don’t bring in added work for students to complete during our sessions. I feel strongly that students have enough work to do. The exception to this rule is practicing essay techniques and studying for the AP exam.

•I don’t provide psychotherapy with students. While I am a Licensed Psychologist and developing a relationship with my students is part of the process, my academic support does NOT involve therapy. Should I sense a need for a student to explore psychological treatment of any kind, I will communicate that with parents.